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Hi, we’re Bates Building Company, every client is a part of who we are. We recognize what your home means to you and will deliver a space that reflects who you are. Our experienced and skilled team will guide you through every step of the process comfortably. We will follow through and bring your vision to life.

When asked about why I do what I do and what it is about me that got me into Building houses, I reply with this:
My dad was an engineer and my grandfather was an artist. When asked about what his favorite car was my dad would reply, “The one that gets me from point A to point B.”


His favorite beer was “the free beer at the party.” He was the financially responsible one who taught me how to balance a checkbook. He was the safety expert of the family…and at his work. Basically he taught me about the importance of function and making sure things work properly and as designed. He instilled in me the curiosity of how things work, how they’re assembled and what their purpose is. I think my alarm clock was the first thing I ever took apart and put back together. After that every re-assembly came with a different modification…

My grandfather, on the other hand, was the artist. His emphasis in life was the form. He was constantly getting lost in the beauty of things. While visiting, he would wake me up early and take me to his studio where I would draw at a little side desk and he would work on whatever project he had at the time.


Everywhere around his home you would find things that made sense when looked at from an artist perspective. From his model trains, to the miniature barn he built in his back yard; if it didn’t have beauty, he wasn’t interested.
I think thats where I slipped into the middle. I have a deep appreciation for things the look great and serve a purpose. I enjoy artwork that does a job.


Building homes and remodeling kitchens do that very thing. Every part of the home is designed with both a job to do and an aesthetic to make it easy on the senses. We follow a specific set of core values. Not only are the finished products a piece of art, the methods to build are an art form in and of themselves.


Think of your project like an intricate watch. There is detail and planning in every single aspect. Every corner has to be addressed and implemented and it takes the homeowner, the architect, the designer, the builder, the manufacturer, the supplier and the installer to get it done. Bates Building Company lands comfortably in the middle. We have relationships with all involved in the process and we joint them all together to furnish a beautiful finished project.

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